Breeanna Nichols Artistry

Breeanna Nichols Artistry



Professional Film/TV Makeup Artist | Licensed Cosmetologist

Breeanna Nichols takes time to get to know each and every one of her unique clients. This has proven to yield better results and greater overall satisfaction. Breeanna is a professional who works with her clients to meet their needs in any way possible. Each client is treated uniquely and with care and dedication.



“It was summertime. We were making a brand film for a Fortune 100 company in New York City. I was out location scouting, and stopped to get lunch and check messages. I had a doozie: the veteran makeup artist I'd worked with on some big projects told me she'd suffered a breakdown and was quitting the business. Effective now. This business can be tough, I get that. I began to search for a new HMUA. I wanted more than someone who'd show up and do the gig at hand. There's lots of people who can do the job. I wanted someone who was very skilled and talented who also cared. Someone who'd see something that needed doing and do it without complaining or even expecting a thank you (I know I've missed giving a few well-earned "thank you's" on busy shoots). Someone I could trust to keep her department under control while dealing with high-powered "C-Suite Level" clients who might be a little unaccustomed to being filmed. And yet, someone who also brings the level of performance and artistry you'd expect from a HMUA on a feature film. I have high standards. I found Breeanna Nichols. Breeanna is young, but she's an old soul. She's the complete package and everything I want and need in a top-flight HMUA. I've learned to trust her completely, and she's never let me down. If I could clone her, I would.”

— Patrick Ortman, Producer/Director PatrickOrtman, Inc. Los Angeles and New York.

“We’ve had the pleasure of working with Breeanna on a handful of projects.  The majority of our work is in the commercial and corporate space, and we’ve hired her as an MUA to prep high-level corporate executives for camera.  Her work is precise and clean, adds quality to our images - but her overall demeanor and presence on our sets is particularly noteworthy.  She’s extremely calm under pressure, which as an MUA on a corporate shoot is important as you typically go from 0 - 60 having to make talent look their best with a limited amount of time in the chair.  She’s also very selfless and conscientious - recognizing one executive she was working with in particular was in a rush - and she proactively suggested doing his make-up on-set to tighten up the process.  On a big shoot or small, it’s this kind of proactivity and thoughtfulness that producers and directors value - someone thinking for themselves and meeting an unforeseen need to make the whole production run smoother.”

— Dan Fabrizio, Fade In Creative